Blinking red Radio is transmitting at low
battery condition, receiving
an emergency
transmission, has failed
the self-test upon powering
up, or has moved out of
range if radio is configured
with Auto-Range
Transponder System.
Solid yellow Radio is monitoring a
conventional channel or in
Bluetooth Discoverable
Blinking yellow Radio is scanning for
activity or receiving a Call
Alert, flexible receive list is
enabled or all local Linked
Capacity Plus channels
are busy.
Double blinking
Radio is no longer
connected to the repeater
while in Capacity Plus or
Linked Capacity Plus; all
Capacity Plus or Linked
Capacity Plus channels
are currently busy. Auto
Roaming is enabled, radio
is actively searching for a
new site. Also indicates
that radio has yet to
respond to a group call
alert, or radio is locked.
Solid green Radio is powering up or
Blinking green Radio is powering up,
receiving a non-privacy-
enabled call or data, or
Additional Radio Controls in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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