Send Failed
The text message has not been sent.
The text message to a group alias or ID
is pending transmission.
The text message to a subscriber alias
or ID is pending transmission, followed
by waiting for acknowledgement.
Bluetooth Device Icons
The following icons also appear next to items in the
list of Bluetooth-enabled devices available to indicate
the device type.
Bluetooth Data Device
Bluetooth-enabled data device, such
as a scanner.
Bluetooth Audio Device
Bluetooth-enabled audio device,
such as a headset.
Bluetooth PTT Device
Bluetooth-enabled PTT device, such
as a PTT-Only Device (POD).
Job Tickets Icons
All Jobs
Indicates all jobs listed.
New Jobs
Indicates new jobs.
LED Indicator
The LED indicator ( ) shows the operational status of
your radio.
Additional Radio Controls in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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