Nuisance Channel
Temporarily removes an
unwanted channel, except for
the Selected Channel, from
the scan list. The Selected
Channel refers to the user’s
selected zone/channel
combination from which scan
is initiated.
One Touch Access Directly initiates a predefined
Private, Phone or Group Call,
a Call Alert or a Quick Text
Option Board
Toggles option board
feature(s) on or off for option
board-enabled channels.
Monitors a selected channel
for all radio traffic until function
is disabled.
Phone Provides direct access to the
Phone Contacts list
Privacy Toggles privacy on or off.
Radio Alias and ID Provides radio alias and ID.
Radio Check Determines if a radio is active
in a system.
Radio Enable Allows a target radio to be
remotely enabled.
Radio Disable Allows a target radio to be
remotely disabled.
Remote Monitor Turns on the microphone of a
target radio without it giving
any indicators.
Toggles between using a
repeater and communicating
directly with another radio.
Scan[2] Toggles scan on or off.
Site Info Displays current Linked
Capacity Plus site name and
ID. Plays site announcement
voice messages for the
current site (this function is
unavailable when Voice
Announcement is disabled).
Site Lock On/Off[2] When toggled on, the radio
searches the current site only.
When toggled off, the radio
Additional Radio Controls in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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