Long press – Pressing and holding for the
programmed duration.
Hold down – Keeping the button pressed.
Note: The programmed duration of a button press is
applicable for all assignable radio/utility functions or
settings. See Emergency Operation on page 94 for
more information on the programmed duration of the
Emergency button.
Assignable Radio Functions
Audio Toggle Toggles audio routing
between the internal radio
speaker and the speaker of
wired accessory.
Bluetooth® Audio
Toggles audio routing
between internal radio
speaker and external
Bluetooth-enabled accessory.
Call Alert Provides direct access to the
contacts list for you to select a
contact to whom a Call Alert
can be sent.
Call Forwarding Toggles Call Forwarding on or
Call Log Selects the call log list.
Contacts Provides direct access to the
Contacts list.
Emergency Depending on the
programming, initiates or
cancels an emergency.
Intelligent Audio Toggles intelligent audio on or
Manual Dial Depending on the
programming, initiates a
Private or Phone Call by
keying in any subscriber ID or
phone number.
Manual Site
Starts the manual site search.
Mic AGC On/Off Toggles the internal
microphone automatic gain
control (AGC) on or off.
Monitor Monitors a selected channel
for activity.
Notifications Provides direct access to the
Notifications list.
Additional Radio Controls in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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