Additional Radio Controls in Non-
Connect Plus Mode
Push-To-Talk (PTT) Button
The PTT button on the side of the radio ( ) serves
two basic purposes:
While a call is in progress, the PTT button allows
the radio to transmit to other radios in the call.
Press and hold down PTT button to talk. Release
the PTT button to listen.
The microphone is activated when the PTT button
is pressed.
While a call is not in progress, the PTT button is
used to make a new call (see Making a Radio Call
on page 50).
If the Talk Permit Tone (see Turning the Talk Permit
Tone On or Off on page 145) or the PTT Sidetone
is enabled, wait until the short alert tone ends before
During a call, if the Channel Free Indication feature
is enabled on your radio (programmed by your
dealer), you will hear a short alert tone the moment
the target radio (the radio that is receiving your call)
releases the PTT button, indicating the channel is
free for you to respond.
You will also hear a continuous talk prohibit tone, if
your call is interrupted, indicating that you should
release the PTT button, for example when the radio
receives an Emergency Call.
Programmable Buttons
Your dealer can program the programmable buttons
as shortcuts to radio functions depending on the
duration of a button press:
Short press – Pressing and releasing rapidly.
Additional Radio Controls in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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