Request the Connect Plus radio to resume
collecting file packets.
If the radio is enabled for Connect Plus over-the-air
file transfer, there may be times when the radio
automatically joins a file transfer without first notifying
the radio user. While the radio is collecting file
packets, the LED rapidly blinks red and the radio
displays the High Volume Data icon on the Home
Screen status bar.
Note: The Connect Plus radio cannot collect file
packets and receive calls at the same time. If you
wish to cancel the file transfer, press and release the
PTT button. This causes the radio to request a call on
the selected Contact Name, and it will also cancel the
file transfer for that radio until the process resumes at
a later time.
There are several things that can make the file
transfer process start again. The first example applies
to all over-the-air file types. The other examples apply
only to the Network Frequency File and Option Board
Firmware File:
The radio system administrator re-initiates the
over-the-air file transfer.
The Option Board's pre-defined timer expires,
which causes the Option Board to automatically
resume the process of collecting packets.
The timer has not yet expired, but the radio user
requests the file transfer to resume via the menu
After the Connect Plus radio finishes downloading all
file packets, it must upgrade to the newly acquired
file. For the Network Frequency File, this is an
automatic process and does not require a radio reset.
For the Option Board Codeplug File, this is an
automatic process that will cause a brief interruption
to service as the Option Board loads the new
codeplug information and re-acquires a network site.
How quickly the radio upgrades to a new Option
Board firmware file depends on how the radio has
been configured by the dealer or system
administrator. The radio will either upgrade
immediately after collecting all file packets, or it will
wait until the next time that the user turns the radio
Note: Check with your dealer or system administrator
to determine how your radio has been programmed.
The process of upgrading to a new Option Board
firmware file takes several seconds, and it requires
Advanced Features in Connect Plus Mode
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