or to My ID and press to select.
The display shows the radio ID.
Checking the Firmware Version and Codeplug
Displays the firmware version on your radio.
to access the menu.
or to Utilities and press to select.
or to Radio Info and press to
or to Versions and press to select.
The display a list with the following information:
(Radio) Firmware Version
(Radio) Codeplug Version
Option Board Firmware Version
Option Board Frequency Version
Option Board Hardware Version
Option Board Codeplug Version
Checking for Updates
Connect Plus provides the ability to update certain
files (Option Board Codeplug, Network Frequency
File and Option Board Firmware File) over-the-air.
Note: Check with the dealer or network administrator
to determine whether this feature has been enabled
for your radio.
Any display Connect Plus radio has the ability to
show its current Option Board OTA Codeplug CRC,
Frequency File version or Option Board firmware file
version via a menu option. In addition, display radios
that have been enabled for over-the-air file transfer
can display the version of a "pending file". A "pending
file" is a Frequency File or Option Board firmware file
that the Connect Plus radio knows about via system
messaging, but the radio has not yet collected all of
the file’s packets. If a display Connect Plus radio has
a pending file, the menu provides options to:
See the version number of the pending file.
See what percentage of packets has been
collected so far.
Advanced Features in Connect Plus Mode
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