or to No and press to return to the
previous screen.
Accessing General Radio Information
Your radio contains information on the following:
• Battery
Degree of Tilt (Accelerometer)
Radio Model Number Index
Option Board Over-the-Air (OTA) Codeplug CRC
Site Number
Site Info
Radio Alias and ID
Firmware and Codeplug Versions
GPS Information
Press at any time to return to the previous
screen or long press to return to the Home
screen. The radio exits the current screen once the
inactivity timer expires.
Accessing the Battery Information
Displays information on your radio battery.
to access the menu.
or to Utilities and press to select.
or to Radio Info and press to
or to Battery Info and press to
The display shows the battery information.
For IMPRES batteries ONLY: The display reads
Recondition Battery if the battery requires
reconditioning in an IMPRES charger. After the
reconditioning process, the display then shows the
battery information.
Checking the Degree of Tilt (Accelerometer)
Note: The measurement on the display shows the
degree of tilt at the moment you press to accept
the Accelerometer option. If you change the angle
Advanced Features in Connect Plus Mode
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