Permanent Bluetooth Discoverable Mode
Note: The Permanent Bluetooth Discoverable Mode
can only be enabled in MOTOTRBO CPS. If enabled,
the Bluetooth item will not be displayed in the Menu
and you will not be able to use any Bluetooth
programmable button features.
Other Bluetooth-enabled devices can locate your
radio, but the devices cannot connect to the radio. It
enables dedicated devices to use your radio position
in the process of Bluetooth-based location.
Notification List
Your radio has a Notification List that collects all your
“unread” events on the channel, such as unread text
messages, missed calls, and call alerts.
The Notification icon appears on the status bar when
the Notification List has one or more events.
The list supports a maximum of forty (40) unread
events. When it is full, the next event automatically
replaces the oldest event.
Note: After the events are read, they are removed
from the Notification List.
Accessing the Notification List
to access the menu.
or to Notification and press to
or to the required event and press to
Long press to return to the Home Screen.
Turning the Radio Tones/Alerts On or Off
You can enable and disable all radio tones and alerts
(except for the incoming Emergency alert tone) if
Press the programmed All Tones/Alerts button to
toggle all tones on or off, or follow the procedure
described next to access this feature via the radio
Advanced Features in Connect Plus Mode
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