Finding and Connecting to a Bluetooth Device
Do not turn off your Bluetooth-enabled device or
press during the finding and connecting
operation as this cancels the operation.
1Turn on your Bluetooth-enabled device and place
it in pairing mode. Refer to respective Bluetooth-
enabled device’s user manual.
On your radio, press to access the menu.
or to Bluetooth and press to select.
or to Devices and press to select.
5Do one of the following:
or to the required device and press
to select.
or to Find Devices to locate available
devices. or to the required device and
press to select.
or to Connect and press to select.
Display shows Connecting to <Device>. Your
Bluetooth-enabled device may require additional
steps to complete the pairing. Refer to respective
Bluetooth-enabled device’s user manual.
If successful, the radio display shows
<Device>Connected. A tone sounds and appears
besides the connected device. The Bluetooth
Connected icon appears on the status bar.
If unsuccessful, the radio display shows Connecting
Note: If pin code is required, use the same entry
method as Step 2 in Accessing the Radio from
Password on page 245.
Advanced Features in Connect Plus Mode
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