2Wait for acknowledgement.
If successful, a positive indicator tone sounds and
the display shows Radio Enable Successful.
If not successful, a negative indicator tone sounds
and the display shows Radio Enable Failed.
Password Lock Features
If enabled, this feature only allows you access your
radio if the correct password is entered upon
powering up.
Accessing the Radio from Password
1Power up the radio.
The radio sounds a continuous tone.
2Do one of the following:
Enter your current four-digit password with the
radio’s keypad. The display shows . Press
to proceed.
Enter your current four-digit password. Press
or to edit each digit’s numeric value.
Each digit changes to . Press to move to
next digit. Press to confirm your selection.
You hear a positive indicator tone for every digit
entered. Press to remove each on the
display. The radio sounds a negative indicator
tone, if you press when the line is empty, or if
you press more than four digits.
If the password is correct, the radio proceeds to
power up. See Powering Up the Radio on page
If the password is incorrect, the display shows
Wrong Password. Repeat Step 2.
After the third incorrect password, the display
shows Wrong Password and then, shows Radio
Locked. A tone sounds and the LED double blinks
Note: The radio is unable to receive any call,
including emergency calls, in locked state.
Advanced Features in Connect Plus Mode
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