Attaching the Universal Connector Cover
(Dust Cover)
The universal connector ( ) is located on the
antenna side of the radio. It is used to connect
MOTOTRBO accessories to the radio.
Insert the hooked end of the cover into the slots
above the universal connector. Press downward on
the cover to seat the lower tab properly into the RF
Turn the thumbscrew clockwise to secure the
connector cover to the radio.
To remove the universal connector cover, press down
on the cover and turn the thumbscrew
Replace the dust cover when the universal connector
is not in use.
Powering Up the Radio
Rotate the On/Off/Volume Control Knob clockwise
until you hear a click. You see MOTOTRBO (TM) on the
radio’s display momentarily, followed by a welcome
message or welcome image.
The LED lights up solid green ( ) and the Home
screen lights up if the backlight setting is set to turn
on automatically.
Preparing Your Radio for Use
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