3The microphone remains active for the “hot mic”
time specified in your radio's codeplug
During this time, the LED lights up green.
4Press and hold the PTT button to talk longer than
the programmed duration.
Initiating an Emergency Alert
Note: If your radio is programmed for “Silent” or
“Silent with Voice”, it will not provide any audio or
visual indications that it is sending an Emergency
Alert. If programmed for “Silent”, the silent operation
continues indefinitely until you press PTT or the
button configured for “Emergency Off”. If programmed
for “Silent with Voice”, the radio automatically cancels
silent operation when the site controller broadcasts
the Emergency Alert.
Press the orange Emergency button.
Upon transmitting the Emergency Alert to the site
controller, the radio’s display shows the
Emergency icon, the Group contact used for the
Emergency Alert, and TX Alarm.
Once the Emergency Alert is successfully sent
and is being broadcast for other radios to hear, a
positive indicator tone sounds and the radio’s
display shows Alarm Sent. If the Emergency Alert
is unsuccessful, a negative indicator tone sounds
and the radio displays Alarm Failed.
Exiting Emergency Mode
Note: If the Emergency call ends due to the
expiration of the Emergency Hang Time, but the
emergency condition is not over, press the
Emergency button again to restart the process.
If you initiate an Emergency Alert by pressing the
programmed Emergency button, your radio
automatically exits Emergency mode after receiving a
response from the Connect Plus system.
If you initiate an Emergency call by pressing the
programmed Emergency button, your radio will be
assigned a channel automatically when one becomes
available. Once your radio has transmitted a
message indicating the emergency, you cannot
cancel your Emergency call. However, if you pressed
the button by accident or the emergency no longer
exists, you may wish to say this over the assigned
channel. When you release the PTT button, the
Advanced Features in Connect Plus Mode
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