Making a Call Alert with the One Touch Access Button
Press the programmed One Touch Access
button to make a Call Alert to the predefined alias.
The display shows Call Alert and the
subscriber alias or ID, indicating that the Call Alert
has been sent.
The LED lights up solid green when your radio is
sending the Call Alert.
If the Call Alert acknowledgement is received, the
display shows Call Alert Successful.
If the Call Alert acknowledgement is not received,
the display shows Call Alert Failed.
Emergency Operation
Note: If your radio is programmed for “Silent” or
“Silent with voice” emergency initiation, in most cases
it automatically exits silent operation after the
Emergency Call or Emergency Alert is finished. The
exception to this rule is when “Emergency Alert” is the
configured Emergency Mode and “Silent” is the
configured Emergency Type. If your radio is
programmed in this manner, the silent operation
continues until you cancel silent operation by
pressing PTT or the button configured for
“Emergency Off”.
Emergency voice calls and Emergency Alerts are not
supported when operating in Connect Plus Auto
Fallback mode. For more information see the Auto
Fallback on page 198.
An Emergency Alert is used to indicate a critical
situation. You can initiate an Emergency at any time
on any screen display, even when there is activity on
the current channel. Pressing the Emergency button
initiates the programmed Emergency mode. The
programmed Emergency mode may also be initiated
by triggering the optional Man Down feature. The
Emergency feature may be disabled in your radio.
Your dealer can set the duration of a button press for
the programmed Emergency button, except for long
press, which is similar with all other buttons:
Short press Between 0.05 seconds and 0.75
Long press Between 1.00 second and 3.75
Advanced Features in Connect Plus Mode
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