The Dispatch Call contact type is used to send a text
message to a dispatcher PC through a third-party
Text Message Server.
Making a Private Call from Contacts
to access the menu.
or to Contacts and press to select.
The entries are alphabetically sorted.
3Use one of the steps described next to select the
required subscriber alias:
Select the subscriber alias directly.
or to the required subscriber alias or
Use the Manual Dial menu.
or to Manual Dial and press
to select.
If there was previously dialed subscriber
alias or ID, the alias or ID appears along
with a blinking cursor. Use the keypad to
edit/enter the ID. Press to select.
4Hold the radio vertically 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5.0
cm) from your mouth.
5Press the PTT button to make the call.
The LED lights up solid green. The display shows
the destination alias.
6Wait for the Talk Permit Tone to finish (if enabled),
and speak clearly into the microphone.
7Release the PTT button to listen.
When the target radio responds, the LED blinks
green and the display shows the transmitting
user's ID.
If there is no voice activity for a predetermined
period of time, the call ends.
You hear a short tone. The display shows Call
Advanced Features in Connect Plus Mode
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