Over-the-Air-Programming (OTAP)
Your radio can be updated by your dealer remotely,
via OTAP, without needing to be physically
connected. Additionally, some settings can also be
configured via OTAP.
While undergoing OTAP, the LED blinks green.
Note: When the radio is receiving high volume data,
the High Volume Data icon appears and channel is
busy. A PTT button press at this time may cause a
negative tone to sound.
Once the programming is complete, depending on
your radio’s configuration:
A tone sounds, the display shows Updating
Restarting, and your radio restarts (powers off
and on again).
Select between Restart Now or Postpone.
Selecting Postpone allows your radio to return to
the previous display, with an OTAP Timer icon
visible, for a period of time before the automatic
restart occurs.
Upon power up after the automatic restart occurs, the
display shows Sw Update Completed if the OTAP
update is successful or Sw Update Failed if the
OTAP update is unsuccessful.
See Software Update on page 171 for your updated
software version.
Locking and Unlocking the Keypad
You can lock your radio’s keypad to avoid inadvertent
key entry.
To lock/unlock your radio’s keypad.
Option Steps
Locking the
Keypad 1
to access the menu.
2 or to Utilities and
press to select.
3 or to Radio Settings
and press to select.
Advanced Features in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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