Notification List
Your radio has a Notification List that collects all your
“unread” events on the channel, such as unread text
messages, telemetry messages and missed calls.
Unread Job Tickets are also stored in the notification
The Notification icon appears on the status bar when
the Notification List has one or more events.
For TMS and missed call/call alert notification events,
the maximum number are 30 TMS and 10 missed
calls/call alerts. This maximum number depends on
individual feature (job tickets or TMS or missed calls/
call alerts) list capability.
Note: After the events are read, they are removed
from the Notification List.
Accessing the Notification List
to access the menu.
or to Notification and press to
or to the required event and press to
Long press to return to the Home Screen.
Auto-Range Transponder System (ARTS)
ARTS is an analog-only feature designed to inform
you when your radio is out-of-range of other ARTS-
equipped radios.
ARTS-equipped radios transmit or receive signals
periodically to confirm that they are within range of
each other. Your dealer can program your radio to
transmit or receive the ARTS signal.
Your radio provides indications of states as follows:
First-Time Alert – A tone sounds and the display
shows In Range after the channel alias.
ARTS-in-Range Alert – A tone sounds, if
programmed, and the display shows In Range
after the channel alias.
ARTS-Out-of-Range Alert – A tone sounds, the
LED rapidly blinks red, and the display alternates
between Out of Range and the home screen.
Advanced Features in Non-Connect Plus Mode
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