MC68060 Software Package
This section provides a guide on how to install the M68060SP. The files provided in an
M68060SP release are shown on Table C-7.
C.5.1 Installing the Library Modules
The integer and floating-point library modules (files ilsp.sa and fplsp.sa) require a very sim-
ple installation procedure. A symbolic label needs to be added to the module top so that call-
ing routines can use this to reference the other entry-points supplied by these modules as
an offset from the top of the module. It is the responsibility of the calling routine to enter the
package through the proper offset relative to the top of the module.
C.5.2 Installing the Kernel Modules
The unimplemented integer instruction exception handler and full and/or partial floating-
point kernel modules (files fpsp.sa, isp.sa, pfpsp.sa) may require additional steps. To aid in
installation, three assembly language files are made available in the M68060SP release.
These files contain the sample call-out routines and call-out dispatch tables for the unimple-
mented integer instruction exception handler module (iskeleton.s file), full or partial floating-
point kernel modules (fskeleton.s file), and call-outs common to both (os.s file). When mod-
Table C-7. Files Provided in an M68060SP Release
File Description
fpsp.sa Full floating-point kernel module
pfpsp.sa Partial floating-point kernel module
isp.sa Integer unimplemented exception handler module
fplsp.sa Floating-point library module
ilsp.sa Integer library module
fskeleton.s Sample call-outs needed by fpsp.sa and pfpsp.sa
iskeleton.s Sample call-outs needed by isp.sa
os.s Sample call-outs needed by fpsp.sa, pfpsp.sa and
fpsp.doc Release documentation for fpsp.sa and pfpsp.sa
isp.doc Release documentation for isp.sa
fplsp.doc Release documentation for fplsp.sa
ilsp.doc Release documentation for ilsp.sa
fpsp.s Source code of fpsp.sa
pfpsp.s Source code of pfpsp.sa
isp.s Source code of isp.sa
fplsp.s Source code of fplsp.sa
ilsp.s Source code of ilsp.sa
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