Instruction Execution Timing
A Bcc instruction is pOEP-but-allows-sOEP if it is not predicted from the branch cache and the direction of the
branch is forward or if the Bcc is predicted as a “not-taken” branch.
MOVE to CCR Move to Condition Codes pOEP | sOEP
MOVE16 Move 16 Byte Block pOEP-only
MOVEM Move Multiple Registers pOEP-only
MOVEQ Move Quick pOEP | sOEP
MULS.L Signed Multiply Long pOEP-only
MULS.W Signed Multiply Word pOEP-only
MULU.L Unsigned Multiply Long pOEP-only
MULU.W Unsigned Multiply Word pOEP-only
NBCD Negate Decimal with Extend pOEP-only
NEG Negate pOEP | sOEP
NEGX Negate with Extend pOEP-only
NOP No Operation pOEP-only
NOT Logical Complement pOEP | sOEP
OR Inclusive OR Logical pOEP | sOEP
ORI,Dx Inclusive OR Immediate pOEP | sOEP
ORI,–(Ax)+ pOEP | sOEP
Remaining ORI pOEP-until-last
ORI to CCR Inclusive OR Immediate to Condition Codes pOEP-only
PACK Pack BCD Digit pOEP-only
PEA Push Effective Address pOEP-only
ROL Rotate without Extend Left pOEP | sOEP
ROR Rotate without Extend Right pOEP | sOEP
ROXL Rotate with Extend Left pOEP-only
ROXR Rotate with Extend Right pOEP-only
RTD Return and Deallocate Parameters pOEP-only
RTR Return and Restore Condition Codes pOEP-only
RTS Return from Subroutine pOEP-only
SBCD Subtract Decimal with Extend pOEP-only
Scc Set According to Condition pOEP-but-allows-sOEP
SUB Subtract pOEP | sOEP
SUBA Subtract Address pOEP | sOEP
SUBI,Dx Subtract Immediate pOEP | sOEP
SUBI,–(Ax)+ pOEP | sOEP
Remaining SUBI pOEP-until-last
SUBQ Subtract Quick pOEP | sOEP
SUBX Subtract with Extend pOEP-only
SWAP Swap Register Halves pOEP-only
TAS Test and Set an Operand pOEP-only
TRAPF Trap on False pOEP | sOEP
remaining TRAPcc Trap on Condition pOEP-only
TRAPV Trap on Overflow pOEP-only
TST Test an Operand pOEP | sOEP
UNLK Unlink pOEP-only
UNPK Unpack BCD Digit pOEP-only
Table 10-2. MC68060 Superscalar Classification
of M680x0 Integer Instructions (Continued)
Mnemonic Instruction Superscalar Classification
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