Instruction Execution Timing
BFEXTS Extract Bit Field Signed pOEP-only
BFEXTU Extract Bit Field Unsigned pOEP-only
BFFFO Find First One in Bit Field pOEP-only
BFINS Insert Bit Field pOEP-only
BFSET Set Bit Field pOEP-only
BFTST Test Bit Field pOEP-only
BKPT Breakpoint pOEP-only
BRA Branch Always pOEP-only
BSET Dy, Test a Bit and Set pOEP-only
BSET #<imm>, pOEP-until-last
BSR Branch to Subroutine pOEP-only
BTST Dy, Test a Bit pOEP-only
BTST #<imm>, pOEP-until-last
CAS Compare and Swap with Operand pOEP-only
CHK Check Register Against Bounds pOEP-only
CLR Clear an Operand pOEP | sOEP
CMP Compare pOEP | sOEP
CMPA Compare Address pOEP | sOEP
CMPI,Dx Compare Immediate pOEP | sOEP
CMPI,–(Ax)+ pOEP | sOEP
Remaining CMPI pOEP-until-last
CMPM Compare Memory pOEP-until-last
DBcc Test Condition, Decrement and Branch pOEP-only
DIVS.L Signed Divide Long pOEP-only
DIVS.W Signed Divide Word pOEP-only
DIVU.L Unsigned Long Divide pOEP-only
DIVU.W Unsigned Divide Word pOEP-only
EOR Exclusive OR Logical pOEP | sOEP
EORI,Dx Exclusive OR Immediate pOEP | sOEP
EORI,–(Ax)+ pOEP | sOEP
Remaining EORI pOEP-until-last
EORI to CCR Exclusive OR Immediate to Condition Codes pOEP-only
EXG Exchange Registers pOEP-only
EXT Sign Extend pOEP | sOEP
EXTB.L Sign Extend Byte to Long pOEP | sOEP
ILLEGAL Take Illegal Instruction Trap pOEP | sOEP
JMP Jump pOEP-only
JSR Jump to Subroutine pOEP-only
LEA Load Effective Address pOEP | sOEP
LINK Link and Allocate pOEP-until-last
LSL Logical Shift Left pOEP | sOEP
LSR Logical Shift Right pOEP | sOEP
MOVE,Rx Move Data from Source to Destination pOEP | sOEP
MOVE <mem>y,<mem>x pOEP-until-last
MOVE #<imm>,<mem>x pOEP-until-last
MOVEA Move Address pOEP | sOEP
MOVE from CCR Move from Condition Codes pOEP-only
Table 10-2. MC68060 Superscalar Classification
of M680x0 Integer Instructions (Continued)
Mnemonic Instruction Superscalar Classification
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