Instruction Execution Timing
Table 10-2, Table 10-3, and Table 10-4 define the classification for the entire instruction set.
The notation “–(Ax)+” indicates <ea> = {(Ax), (Ax)+, –(Ax)}.
Table 10-1. Superscalar OEP Dispatch Test Algorithm
Contents of pOEP Contents of sOEP Dispatch Algorithm
pOEP | sOEP pOEP | sOEP Test 2 is successful
pOEP | sOEP pOEP-only Test 2 fails
pOEP | sOEP pOEP-until-last Test 2 fails
pOEP | sOEP pOEP-but-allows-sOEP Test 2 fails
pOEP-only pOEP | sOEP Test 2 fails
pOEP-only pOEP-only Test 2 fails
pOEP-only pOEP-until-last Test 2 fails
pOEP-only pOEP-but-allows-sOEP Test 2 fails
pOEP-until-last pOEP | sOEP Test 2 is successful
pOEP-until-last pOEP-only Test 2 fails
pOEP-until-last pOEP-until-last Test 2 fails
pOEP-until-last pOEP-but-allows-sOEP Test 2 fails
pOEP-but allows-sOEP pOEP | sOEP Test 2 is successful
pOEP-but allows-sOEP pOEP-only Test 2 fails
pOEP-but allows-sOEP pOEP-until-last Test 2 fails
pOEP-but allows-sOEP pOEP-but-allows-sOEP Test 2 fails
Table 10-2. MC68060 Superscalar Classification
of M680x0 Integer Instructions
Mnemonic Instruction Superscalar Classification
ABCD Add Decimal with Extend pOEP-only
ADDA Add Address pOEP | sOEP
ADDI,Dx Add Immediate pOEP | sOEP
ADDI,–(Ax)+ pOEP | sOEP
Remaining ADDI pOEP-until-last
ADDQ Add Quick pOEP | sOEP
ADDX Add Extended pOEP-only
AND AND Logical pOEP | sOEP
ANDI,Dx AND Immediate pOEP | sOEP
ANDI,–(Ax)+ pOEP | sOEP
Remaining ANDI pOEP-until-last
ANDI to CCR AND Immediate to Condition Codes pOEP-only
ASL Arithmetic Shift Left pOEP | sOEP
ASR Arithmetic Shift Right pOEP | sOEP
Bcc Branch Conditionally pOEP-only
BCHG Dy, Test a Bit and Change pOEP-only
BCHG #<imm>, pOEP-until-last
BCLR Dy, Test a Bit and Clear pOEP-only
BCLR #<imm>, pOEP-until-last
BFCHG Test Bit Field and Change pOEP-only
BFCLR Test Bit Field and Clear pOEP-only
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