Bits 26–24—Reserved.
EBC—Enable Branch Cache
0 = The branch cache is disabled and branch cache information is not used in the
branch prediction strategy.
1 = The on-chip branch cache is enabled. Branches are cached. A predicted branch
executes more quickly, and often can be folded onto another instruction.
CABC—Clear All Entries in the Branch Cache
This bit is always read as zero.
0 = No operation is done on the branch cache.
1 = The entire content of the MC68060 branch cache is invalidated.
CUBC—Clear All User Entries in the Branch Cache
This bit is always read as zero.
0 = No operation is performed on the branch cache.
1 = All user-mode entries in the MC68060 branch cache are invailidated; supervisor-
mode branch cache entries remain valid.
Bits 20–16—Reserved.
EIC—Enable Instruction Cache
0 = Instruction cache is disabled.
1 = Instruction cache is enabled.
NAI—No Allocate Mode (Instruction Cache)
0 = Accesses that miss in the instruction cache will allocate.
1 = The instruction cache will continue to supply instructions to the processor, but an
access that misses will not allocate.
FIC—1/2 Cache Operation Mode Enable (Instruction Cache)
0 = The instruction cache operates in normal, full-cache mode.
1 = The instruction cache operates in 1/2-cache mode.
Bits 13–0—Reserved.
The caches are individually enabled and configured by using the MOVEC instruction to
access the CACR. A hardware reset clears the CACR, disabling both caches and removing
all configuration information; however, reset does not affect the tags, state information, and
data within the caches. The CINV instruction must clear the caches before enabling them.
The MC68060 cannot cache page descriptors.
System hardware can assert the cache disable (CDIS) signal to dynamically disable the both
the instruction and data caches, regardless of the state of the enable bits in the CACR. The
caches are disabled immediately after the current access completes. If CDIS is asserted
during the access for the first half of a misaligned operand spanning two cache lines, the
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