Table E-3 lists all the data formats and types supported by the MC68040 FPU. Also
included are the data formats and types that the MC68040 FPU does not support but that
are supported by the M68040FPSP.
Table E-3. Support for Data Types and Data Formats
Data Formats
Data Types SGL DBL EXT Decimal Byte Word Long
Normalized † † † * † † †
Zero † † † * † † †
Infinity † † † *
NAN ††† *
Denormalized ‡ * *
Unnormalized * *
* Supported by M68040FPSP
†Supported by the MC68040 FPU
‡Supported by M68040FPSP after being converted to extended precision by the MC68040 FPU
The M68040FPSP provides system designers with a simple path to port existing
MC68881/MC68882 exceptions handlers to the MC68040. It also provides an entry point
for the IEEE-defined exception conditions listed in Table E-4.
Table E-4. Exception Conditions
Mnemonic Description
BSUN Branch/Set on Unordered
SNAN Signaling Not-a-Number
OPERR Operand Error
OVFL Overflow
UNFL Underflow
DZ Divide by Zero
INEX1/INEX2 Inexact Result 1/2
The M68040FPSP is written in M68000 family assembly code and comes with an
installation guide. Tape contains both Motorola syntax and UNIX “as” syntax. Tape
cartridge (M68040FPSPT) media is available in CPIO and TAR formats. Also available is
9-track (M68040FPSPP) media in high or low density as well as CPIO and TAR formats. A
license is required to obtain rights to use and distribute the M68040FPSP. License terms
include the right to use and modify source code and redistribute resulting object code.
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