Table E-2 list the arithmetic and transcendental instructions that the M68040FPSP
implements for the MC68040. New instructions have been added to the
MC68881/MC68882 base instructions.
Table E-2. M68040FPSP Floating-Point Instructions
Arithmetic Instructions
Name Description Name Description
FADD* Add FSUB* Subtract
FSADD*† Single-Precision Add FSSUB*† Single-Precision Subtract
FDADD*† Double-Precision Add FDSUB*† Double-Precision Subtract
FMUL* Multiply FDIV* Divide
FSMUL*† Single-Precision Multiply FSDIV*† Single-Precision Divide
FDMUL*† Double-Precision Multiply FDDIV*† Double-Precision Divide
FINT Integer Part FINTRZ Integer Part (Truncated)
FABS* Absolute Value FNEG* Negate
FGETEXP Get Exponent FGETMAN Get Mantissa
FTST* Test Operand FCMP* Compare
FREM IEEE Remainder FSCALE Scale Exponent
FMOVE* Move FP Data Register FSMOVE* Single-Precision Move
FDMOVE* Double-Precision Move FSQRT* Square Root
FSSQRT* Single-Precision Square Root FDSQRT* Double-Precision Square Root
FMOD Modulo Remainder FSMOD Single-Precision Modulo Remainder
FDMOD Double-Precision Modulo Remainder
Transcendental Instructions
Name Description Name Description
FCOS Cosine FSIN Sine
FACOS Arc Cosine FASI N Arc Sine
FCOSH Hyperbolic Cosine FSINH Hyperbolic Sine
FSINCOS Simultaneous Sine & Cosine FATAN Arc Tangent
FTAN Tangent FATANH Hyperbolic Arc Tan
FTANH Hyperbolic Tangent FLOG10 Log Base 10
FLOG2 Log Base 2 FLOGNP1 Log Base e of (x + 1)
FLOGN Log Base e FETOXM1 (e to the x Power) –1
FETOX e to the x Power FTWOTOX 2 to the x Power
FTENTOX 10 to the x Power
*The MC68040 provides these functions for all data formats except single, double, and extended denormalized data
types and extended unnormalized data types. The M68040FPSP provides the functions for the special data types.
†Additional functions not provided by the MC68881/MC68882.
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