The complete documentation package for the MC68040, MC68040V, MC68LC040,
MC68EC040, and MC68EC040V (collectively called M68040) consists of the
M68040 User’s Manual
, and the M68000PM/AD,
M68000 Family
Programmer’s Reference Manual
. The
M68040 User’s Manual
describes the capabilities,
operation, and programming of the M68040 32-bit third-generation microprocessors. The
M68000 Family Programmer’s Reference Manual
contains the complete instruction set for
the M68000 family.
The introduction of this manual includes general information concerning the MC68040 and
summarizes the differences between the M68040 member devices. Additionally, three
appendices provide detailed information on how these M68040 dirivatives operate
differently from the MC68040. For detailed information on one of these M68040
dirivatives, use the following table to determine which appendices to read in conjunction
with the rest of this manual.
Device Number Appendices
MC68040V Appendix A MC68LC040 and Appendix C MC68040V and MC68EC040V
MC68LC040 Appendix A MC68LC040
MC68EC040 Appendix B MC68EC040
MC68EC040V Appendix B MC68EC040 and Appendix C MC68040V and MC68EC040V
When reading this manual, remember to disregard information concerning floating-point
in reference to the MC68040V and MC68LC040, and to disregard information concerning
floating-point and memory management in reference to the MC68EC040 and
MC68EC040V. The organization of this manual is as follows:
Section 1 Introduction
Section 2 Integer Unit
Section 3 Memory Management Unit (Except MC68EC040 and MC68EC040V)
Section 4 Instruction and Data Caches
Section 5 Signal Description
Section 6 IEEE 1149.1 Test Access Port (JTAG)
Section 7 Bus Operation
Section 8 Exception Processing
Section 9 Floating-Point Unit (MC68040)
Section 10 Instruction Timings
Section 11 MC68040 Electrical and Thermal Characteristics
Section 12 Ordering Information and Mechanical Data
Appendix A MC68LC040
Appendix B MC68EC040
Appendix C MC68040V and MC68EC040V
Appendix D M68000 Family Summary
Appendix E Floating-Point Emulation (M68040FPSP)
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