All M68040 bidirectional pins include two boundary scan data cells, an input, and an
output. One of five associated boundary scan control cells controls each bidirectional pin.
If these cells contain a logic one, the associated bidirectional or three-state pin will be
configured as an output and enabled. The cell captures the current value during the
capture-DR state. All five control cells are reset (i.e., logic zero) in the test-logic-reset
state. The five bidirectional/three-state control cells and their boundary scan register bit
positions are as follows:
Cell Name Bit
io.ab 150
io.db 151
io.2 154
io.1 155
io.0 156
Table 6-2 lists the 184 boundary scan bit definitions. The first column in the table defines
the bit position in the boundary scan register. The second column references one of the
three cell types. The third column lists the pin name for all pin-related cells. The fourth
column lists the system pin type for convenience where TS-Output indicates a three-state
output pin and I/O indicates a bidirectional pin. The last column lists the name of the
associated control bit of the boundary scan register for three-state output and bidirectional
pins. The boundary scan description language (BSDL) type for each cell can be found in
note 1.
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