Battery Charge Status
You can check battery charge status if your
dealer has preprogrammed one of the
programmable buttons. Hold down the
preprogrammed Battery Indicator button. The
charge status is shown by the color of the
radio’s LED indicator.
Programmable Buttons
The two side buttons on your radio can be
programmed by your dealer as shortcuts to
various radio features.
Check with your dealer for a complete list of
functions your radio supports.
Some buttons can access up to two features,
depending on the type of button press:
short press — quickly pressing and releas-
ing the programmable buttons
long press — pressing and holding the
programmable buttons for a period of time
(default 1 1/2 seconds or programmed
value) before releasing
hold down — pressing and holding down
the programmable buttons while checking
status or making adjustments
Depending on how your radio has been
programmed by your dealer, these functions
are activated EITHER through a short press
OR a long press, but NOT both.
A summary of programmable radio features
and corresponding page references appears
beginning on page 14.
In the “Feature” column, have your dealer write
down the programmable buttons next to the
features that have been programmed to them.
Good Green
Sufficient Yellow
Low Flashing Red
Ver y Low None
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