• Extend Your Productivity
Provides a cost-effective solution
to onsite communication needs.
Designed for heavy duty, everyday
industrial use. Well suited for
construction, manufacturing,
security, property management,
retail, and more.
• Rugged MOTOROLA Quality
Shock/drop/temperature tested
to meet Motorola's high standards.
• Weather/Dust Resistant
Designed to meet IP-54 rating
• Designed to meet Military
810 C, D, E & F
• Dependable Indoor/Outdoor
Will provide a communication
range* of up to 250,000 sq. ft.
or 20 floors and up to 6 miles.
*Range will vary based on
terrain and conditions and
model selected.
• Simple and Easy to Operate
Allows one-to-one or group
communication at the push
of a button. With no phone
numbers to dial, plus the
Manager Lock feature,
there's little to no training
needed for your staff to be
fully up to speed.
• Cost Efficient
No monthly fees to pay and
no service contracts.
Compatible with Motorola
radios and M Series
audio accessories.
• Cloning Capability
• Business Exclusive Frequencies
Frequencies set aside exclusively
for business-only use. FCC License
is required.
• 38 PL Codes, 83 Digital PL Codes
• Hands-Free Mode (VOX)
Advanced voice activation (VOX)
lets you talk hands-free;
XV2600, XU2600 models do not
require accessories.
• Voice Compression Technology
Helps provide better sound at
longer distances.
• 1-Year Limited Warranty
For details, please call:
Radio Specification Chart
Transmit Power
Receiver Sensitivity
Audio Output
Receiver Technology
NiMH Battery Life
tion Ch
1 or 2 Watts
-120 dBm for 12 dB SINAD
90 dB SPL
Direct Conversion
Approximately 15 hrs 1W/13 hrs 2W
• Accessories for XTN Series
Brochure included - Convenient audio, power and charging accessories are available from your
point-of-sale or www.motorola.com/radios/professional
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License Required
XTN Series
Proof of Purchase
Not for children under 3 years.
This product is not intended to be used
as a toy or plaything.
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