Motorola Limited Warranty
VI. What this Warranty Does Not Cover
Products that are operated in combination with ancillary or peripheral equipment or
software not furnished by Motorola for use with the Products (ancillary equipment), or
any damage to the Products or ancillary equipment as a result of such use. Among other
things, “ancillary equipment includes batteries, chargers, adaptors, and power supplies
not manufactured or supplied by Motorola. Any of these voids the warranty.
Someone other than Motorola (or its authorized service centers) tests, adjusts, installs,
maintains, alters, modifies or services the Products in any way. Any of these voids the
Rechargeable batteries that: (a) are charged by other than the Motorola-approved battery
charger specified for charging such batteries; (b) have any broken seals or show evidence
of tampering; (c) are used in equipment other than the Product for which they are
specified; or (d) are charged and stored at temperatures greater than 60 degrees
centigrade. Any of these voids the warranty.
Products that have: (a) serial numbers or date tags that have been removed, altered or
obliterated; (b) board serial numbers that do not match each other, or board serial
numbers that do not match the housing; or (c) nonconforming or non-Motorola housings
or parts. Any of these voids the warranty.
Defects or damage that result from: (a) use of the Products in a manner that is not normal
or customary; (b) improper operation or misuse; (c) accident or neglect such as dropping
the Products onto hard surfaces; (d) contact with water, rain, extreme humidity or heavy
perspiration; (e) contact with sand, dirt or the like; or (f) contact with extreme heat, or spills
of food or liquid.
Physical damage to the surface of the Products, including scratches, cracks or other
damage to a display screen, lens or other externally exposed parts.
Failure of Products that is due primarily to any communication service or signal you may
subscribe to or use with the Products.
Coil cords that are stretched or that have any broken modular tabs.
Products that are leased.
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