Programming Mode
The X Series radios have cloning capability when connected via the 53879
Multi-Unit Charger (MUC). Cloning enables rapid fleet reconfiguration because all
selectable settings are sent to the target unit. The Target radio must be placed behind
the Source radio and turned On. Radios must be of the same band; UHF or VHF.
Multi-channel models can Clone to single-channel radios, but only the first channel
is cloned. Please refer to the MUC User's Guide included with this accessory.
Note: The MUC does not need to be plugged in for Cloning feature to work.
Resetting Factory Defaults
All selectable features can be reset to factory defaults by turning the radio On while
holding M and \ buttons simultaneously for three seconds.
Note: The radio cannot be reset if Manager Lock is enabled.
Make sure k is accessed.
Please refer to page 11.
The source radio enters Cloning Mode and
clones through an extended press of J.
Target Radio Display
Either W for pass or N for fail appears on the Source
Radio Display.
If cloning was successful all segments on the Target
Radio Display will light up. Turn radio Off and back
On again to use.
Pressing J again will clone additional radios.
Source Radio Display
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