Programming Mode
4. Scramble Code: Codes that make your transmissions sound garbled to anyone
listening who is not set to that specific code.
Please refer to Scramble Code on page 21.
5. Bandwidth: Some frequencies have selectable channel spacing, which must
match other radios for optimum audio quality.
The Cloning Feature used with the optional accessory 53879 Multi-Unit
Charger (MUC) can help to duplicate radio settings easily for multiple radio
use. Please refer to page 23.
The above features with Preset Channels and Manager Lock can be selected in
Programming Mode: k.
Access k by turning the radio On while holding the M and J
buttons for three seconds.
The Programming icon; k illuminates and radio chirps to indicate access.
Exit k by holding the M for three seconds.
Note: k does not timeout.
Now, you may use your radio’s \ and [ or ] to select features.
Press Display Then Press
The icon
the feature
you want.
[ or ] to select the feature. Press M and release to
return to the beginning of the Programming Menu.
Press M for three seconds to exit programming mode.
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