Programming Mode
kProgramming Mode
The following table lists the functions you can set by pressing and holding a button
while you are turning on your radio.
In order to talk with someone on your two-way radios, the following features need to
be set exactly alike:
1. Channel: Current channel that the radio is using, depending upon radio model.
2. Frequency: The frequency your radio uses to transmit/receive.
3. Interference Eliminator Code: These codes help minimize interference by
providing you with a choice of code combinations.
Please refer to page 25.
Key(s) Pressed. Function
MJ P Access k Programming Mode:
Three second delay.
M\ P + ) +Reset factory settings: Three second delay.
Will not work if Manager Lock is enabled.
M PEnable VOX without accessories
(XU2600 and XV2600 Only).
] PTu r ns End-of-Transmission Tone On/Off.
Radio default setting is Off.
[ PTurns Keypad Tones On/Off.
Radio default setting is On.
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