Scan Advancement/ Nuisance Delete
Scan has several temporary features to make it easier to use.
Scan Advancement allows you to "skip" a busy Channel to check for other activity.
Press ] to begin scanning again, but only temporarily.
Nuisance Delete allows you to temporarily remove a channel from your Scan List, it
will return the next time you use the Scan feature.
Depressing [ will remove a Channel from the scan list, but only temporarily.
Setting the Battery Type*
Note: *This menu will not appear if the Motorola NiMH Battery is in use.
Lock Keypad
To maintain settings and lock keypad, press \ for three seconds.
Note: To unlock, press \ for three seconds.
End-of-Transmission Tone
When you turn this feature On, your two-way radio transmits a tone when you finish
transmitting. Its like saying Roger or Over.
This feature allows the battery meter to recognize and properly
display the power remaining of single-cell batteries.
Press \ until d displays. Either A (Alkaline) or n (rechargeable
AA cells) is flashing.
Press [ or ] until your choice of A or n displays. A
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