Getting Started
Installing AA Alkaline Batteries
Your radio can also use 4 AA batteries; alkaline cells provide up to 24 hours* of radio use.
Battery Meter
The battery meter located in the upper left corner of the display indicates how much
battery power you have remaining.
Push the Ribbed Latch on the bottom of the
radio away from the battery door.
*Please refer to the diagram and Battery Life
on page 5.
Slide and lift the battery door off.
Place the AA batteries matching the
markings in the compartment.
Slide and snap the battery door into place.
Set the correct Battery Type, please refer to
page 16.
Type 3 Bars 2 Bars 1 Bar Flashing
db c m
NiMH 100%-85% 85%-25% 25%-10% Final 10%
AA 100%-75% 75%-40% 40%-10% Final 10%
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