Getting Started
Charging with the 10-Hour Charger
Charge the NiMH battery overnight (16 hours)
before using it for the first time, it will only need
up to ten hours of charging thereafter.
Make sure the radio is Off.
Lift the Accessory Cover and plug the
10-Hour Charger (NNTN4077) firmly into
the lower jack (small hole).
Plug the charger into an electric outlet.
The light on the charger will glow red if
charging properly.
Note: For optimum battery life, the battery
must not be left charging for prolonged
periods after reaching full charge.
Charging the battery over the
weekend is acceptable.
If the radio is On while charging,
additional time is required to charge
the battery.
Use only the Charger supplied with
the radio, or other XTN Series
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