Helpful Tips
Handling Your Radio
Do not pound, drop, or throw the radio unnecessarily. Never
carry the radio by the antenna.
Avoid subjecting the radio to an excess of liquids. Do not
submerge the radio unless it is a ruggedized, APX 6000/APX
6000Li R model.
Avoid subjecting the radio to corrosives, solvents or
Do not disassemble the radio.
Keep the accessory-connector cover in place until ready to
use the connector. Replace the cover immediately once the
accessory has been disconnected.
When charging the radio using a wall mounted charger, the
radio must be turned off. Otherwise, the Man Down Alert
and Emergency may be accidentally triggered.
Servicing Your Radio
Proper repair and maintenance procedures will assure efficient
operation and long life for this product. A Motorola maintenance
agreement will provide expert service to keep this and all other
communication equipment in perfect operating condition. A
nationwide service organization is provided by Motorola to
support maintenance services. Through its maintenance and
installation program, Motorola makes available the finest
service to those desiring reliable, continuous communications
on a contract basis. For a contract service agreement, please
contact your nearest Motorola service or sales representative,
or an authorized Motorola dealer.
Express Service Plus (ESP) is an optional extended service
coverage plan, which provides for the repair of this product for
an additional period of either one or two years beyond the
normal expiration date of the standard warranty. For more
information about ESP, contact the Motorola Radio Support
Center at 3761 South Central Avenue, Rockford, IL 61102 (800)
227-6772 / (847)725-4200.
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