Helpful Tips
Cleaning Your Radio
To clean the external surfaces of your radio:
1Combine one teaspoon of mild dishwashing detergent to
one gallon of water (0.5% solution).
2Apply the solution sparingly with a stiff, non-metallic, short-
bristled brush, making sure excess detergent does not get
entrapped near the connectors, controls or crevices. Dry the
radio thoroughly with a soft, lint-free cloth.
3Clean battery contacts with a lint-free cloth to remove dirt or
(For APX 6000/APX 6000Li R Radios Only)
Elastomer technology materials used for seals
in rugged portable radios can age with time and
environmental exposure. Therefore, Motorola
recommends that rugged radios be checked
annually as a preventive measure in order to
assure the watertight integrity of the radio.
Motorola details the disassembly, test, and
reassembly procedures along with necessary
test equipment needed to inspect, maintain and
troubleshoot radio seals in the radio’s service
If the radio battery contact area has been
submerged in water, dry and clean the radio
battery contacts before attaching a battery to the
radio. Otherwise, the water could short-circuit
the radio.
If the radio has been submerged in water, shake
the radio well so that any water that may be
trapped inside the speaker grille and
microphone port can be removed. Otherwise,
the water will decrease the audio quality of the
Do not disassemble the radio. This could
damage radio seals and result in leak paths into
the radio. Any radio maintenance should be
performed only by a qualified radio technician.
Do not use solvents to clean your radios as most
chemicals may permanently damage the radio
housing and texture.
Do not submerge the radio in the detergent
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