Advanced Features
Locking and Unlocking the Controls
You can lock your radio’s programmable buttons, switches and
rotary knobs to avoid inadvertent entry. Check with your dealer
or qualified technician for best selection to suite your usage.
1Toggle the preprogrammed Keypad Lock button or switch
to on.
2The display shows CTRL LCK.
3Toggle again to unlock the keypad.
Turning Voice Mute On or Off
You can enable and disable voice transmission, if needed.
1Press the preprogrammed Voice Mute button to turn the
feature off or on.
2The display shows momentary VMUT OFF, and a short tone
sounds, indicating that the feature is disabled.
The display shows momentary VMUT ON, and a short tone
sounds, indicating that the feature is enabled.
Using the Time-Out Timer
This feature turns off your radio’s transmitter. You cannot
transmit longer than the preset timer setting.
If you attempt to do so, the radio automatically stops your
transmission, and you hear a talk-prohibit tone.
The timer is defaulted at 60 seconds, but it can be
preprogrammed from 3 to 120 seconds, in 15-second intervals,
or it can be disabled entirely for each radio mode, by a qualified
radio technician.
Note: You will hear a brief, low-pitched, warning tone four
seconds before the transmission times out.
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