Advanced Features
1Press the preprogrammed EZB Up or EZB Down button to
scroll the EZB up or down.
Press and hold the preprogrammed EZB Up or EZB Down
button to fast scroll the EZB up or down.
2Turn the 3-Position A/B/C Switch to select the first, second
or third zone in the selected EZB.
Selecting the Power Level
This feature enables you to reduce the transmit power level for
specific case that require a lower power level. You can select
the power level at which your radio transmits. The radio always
turns on to the default setting.
Note: Please refer to your agent or qualified radio technician
to enable this feature.
These reduced transmit power level settings do not affect your
radio’s receiving performance, nor diminish the overall quality of
audio and data functionality given the following conditions.
Select Low for a shorter transmitting distance and to
conserve power.
Select High for a longer transmitting distance.
1Press the preprogrammed Transmit Power Level Switch
to toggle the power level between low and high power.
2The display shows LOW PWR and the low power icon.
The display shows HIGH PWR and the high power icon.
Controlling the Display Backlight
You can enable or disable the radio’s display backlight as
needed, if poor light conditions make the display difficult to read.
Press the preprogrammed Light/Flip button to toggle the
backlight on or off.
Press any programmable radio controls or buttons to turn the
backlight on.
Note: The backlight remains on for a preprogrammed time
before it automatically turns off completely or returns to
the minimum backlight level.
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