Advanced Features
2The radio display shows VOL XX and sounds a short,
medium-pitched tone.
Clearing All Bluetooth Devices Information
1Long press the preprogrammed Bluetooth On/Off button. A
short, medium-pitched tone sounds.
2The display shows PLS WAIT to indicate clearing is in
3The display shows ALL CLR to indicate clearing is
The radio sounds a short, low-pitched tone. The display
shows CLR FAIL to indicate clearing has failed.
Note: If Re-Pair Timer is set to infinite and you clear keys on
the radio, you must clear keys on all previously paired
devices as well. (Please see your accessories manual
for further details.)
Programming Over Project 25 (POP 25)
(ASTRO 25 and ASTRO Conventional)
This feature enables configuration data to be upgraded to your
radio over-the-air. This feature retains full use of the radio
during the configuration data transfer without interrupting
communication. The upgrade pauses to give priorities to voice
call, and continues after the voice call ended.
Once a configuration upgrade is downloaded to your radio, it is
automatically installed during power up of your radio.
Note: This feature must be preprogrammed by a qualified
radio technician. Check with your dealer or system
administrator for more information.
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