Advanced Features
Pairing the Bluetooth Device with the Radio
The range of Bluetooth operation is 10 meters line-of-sight
communication. This is an unobstructed path between the
location of the signal transmitter (your radio) and the location of
the receiver (your device or accessory).
Obstacles that can cause an obstruction in the line-of-sight
include trees, buildings, mountains, cars and etc.
It is NOT recommended that you leave your radio behind and
expect your accessory to work with a high degree of reliability
when they are separated.
At the fringe areas of reception, both voice and tone quality will
start to sound "garbled" or "broken". To correct this problem,
simply position the Accessory and Radio closer to each other
(within the 10 meter defined range) to re-establish clear audio
Note: Bluetooth tones, Bluetooth menu and Preprogrammed
buttons must be preprogrammed by a qualified radio
technician. Check with your dealer or system
administrator for more information.
With your radio’s Bluetooth feature ON, and the Bluetooth tones
1Turn on the accessory, then place it close to your radio
aligning the Bluetooth Pairing Location on the radio to the
Bluetooth Pairing Location (a blue dot) on the accessory.
2If the pairing process is successful, the radio sounds an
incremental-pitched tone to indicate paired.
If the pairing process fails, the radio sounds a short, low-
pitched tone. The display shows PAIRFAIL. Repeat step 1
3The radio continues to connect to the device.
If the connecting process is successful, the radio sounds an
incremental-pitched tone. The display shows <Device
Type> CONNCTED, and the Bluetooth icon turns from b to
If the device already has pairing records and the connecting
process fails, the radio sounds a short, low-pitched tone.
The display shows <Device Type> CON FAIL. Repeat step
2 to reconnect the Bluetooth device.
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