Advanced Features
Bluetooth Drop Timer
The Bluetooth Drop Timer has two different settings and
functions, depending upon the selection of the Re-Pair Timer.
Check with your dealer or system administrator for more
information about these timers.
See Pairing the Bluetooth Device with the Radio on page 52
to establish the Bluetooth Connection.
Re-Pair Timer
Options Re-Pair Timer Scenarios
(for headset
and PTT only)
When the radio is powered OFF, pairing
key is lost immediately, and accessory
attempts to pair again. If pairing is
unsuccessful within the Drop Timer value,
the accessory automatically powers OFF.
When the accessory is powered OFF, all
keys are lost immediately, and the user
must re-pair the devices.
When the devices lose Bluetooth
connection, the devices will attempt to re-
establish Bluetooth Connection within the
Drop Timer value.
(for headset,
PTT and data
When the radio is powered OFF, the
accessory attempts to re-establish the
Bluetooth Connection for a period of time
depending upon the Drop Timer value. If
the devices fails to reconnect within the
period, the accessory then powers OFF.
Re-Pair Timer
Options Drop Timer Options
(for headset
and PTT only)
0 – 15 minutes programmable buffer time to
re-establish the Bluetooth Connection when
the Bluetooth signal is out of range.
If either device powers OFF, the pairing keys
are immediately cleared from both devices
and the devices must re-pair.
(for headset,
PTT and data
This Timer only applies to the Accessory.
The programmable timer choices are: 0 – 15
minutes, 2 hours, 4 hours or 8 hours.
This is a "stay alive" time that the Accessory
will remain ON without the devices re-
connecting before powering off. The Radio
will remain ON until the user powers the
Radio OFF. The Radio and Accessory will
remain paired indefinitely. Once the devices
re-connect, the timer is reset.
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