Advanced Features
Erasing the Selected Encryption Keys
This feature allows you to erase all or selected encryption keys.
Use the preprogrammed Top Side (Select) button and Top
(Orange) button to erase the single key in radios with the
single-key option, and to erase all keys in radios with the
multikey option.
1Press and hold the Top Side (Select) button.
2While holding Top Side (Select) button down, press the Top
(Orange) button.
3The display shows PLS WAIT.
4When all the encryption keys have been erased, the display
Note: DO NOT press the Top (Orange) button before
pressing the Top Side (Select) button, unless you are
in an emergency situation as this sends an emergency
Requesting an Over-the-Air Rekey (ASTRO Only)
This feature, also known as OTAR, allows the dispatcher to
reprogram the encryption keys in the radio remotely. The
dispatcher performs the rekey operation upon receiving a rekey
request from the user.
1Press and hold the preprogrammed Rekey Request button
to send the rekey request.
2If the rekey operation fails, a bad-key tone sounds and the
display shows RKY FAIL.
Note: The rekey operation failure indicates that your radio
does not contain the Unique Shadow Key (USK). This
key must be loaded into the radio with the key-variable
loader (KVL) before the rekey request can be sent.
Refer to your local key management supervisor for
more information.
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