Advanced Features
Managing Encryption
Loading an Encryption Key
Note: Refer to the key-variable loader (KVL) manual for
equipment connections and setup.
1Attach the KVL to your radio.
2The display shows KEYLOAD, and all other radio functions,
except for power down, backlight, and volume, are locked
3Select the required keys and press the Menu Select button
directly below LOAD on the KVL. This loads the encryption
keys into your radio.
4When the key has been loaded successfully, the radio
sounds a short tone for single-key radios.
When the key has been loaded successfully, the radio
sounds an alternating tone for multikey radios.
Using the Multikey Feature
This feature allows the radio to be equipped with different
encryption keys and supports the DES-OFB algorithm.
There are two types:
Conventional Multikey The encryption keys can be tied
(strapped), on a one-per-channel basis, through Customer
Programming Software. In addition, you can have operator-
selectable keys, operator-selectable keysets, and operator-
selectable key erasure. If talkgroups are enabled in
conventional, then the encryption keys are strapped to the
Trunked Multikey If you use your radio for both
conventional and trunked applications, you have to strap your
encryption keys for trunking on a per-talkgroup or
announcement-group basis. In addition, you may strap a
different key to other features, such as dynamic regrouping,
failsoft, or emergency talkgroup. You can have operator-
selectable key erasure.
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