Advanced Features
Triggering Emergency
When the user does not clear the Man Down condition and the
Post-Alert Timer comes to an end, Emergency Alarm or call is
triggered. The radio sends emergency message to units within
the same Talkgroup. The radio also sends ID number and GPS
coordinates to dispatcher if these features are enabled. User
can exit Emergency following the Emergency procedure. See
Emergency Operation on page 33 for details.
Note: At this point the Man Down features is complete. Use
normal Emergency procedures to cancel Emergency
Exiting Man Down Feature
If you are not in a real Man Down situation, you should exit the
Man Down feature and prevent emergency from going off with
the following operation.
Repositioning the radio or shaking the radio (when motion
sensitivity is enabled).
Press the preprogrammed Man Down Clear button to exit.
Press the Menu Select Button below Clr to exit.
Re-Initiating Man Down
After exiting the Emergency Operation when the radio is still in
Man Down condition (tilted achieving threshold angle or
motionless), user must first exit Man Down condition to then re-
initiate the Man Down feature.
Return the radio to the vertical position
Shake the radio (when motion sensitivity is enabled).
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