Advanced Features
Note: Emergency must be set up for this feature to operate.
For details on operating the Emergency alerts, please
see Emergency Operation on page 33.
If the radio is preprogrammed to horizontal only, it
must be worn in a vertical position otherwise the Man
Down alert may be inadvertently triggered.
When the radio is programmed with Man Down
feature, special care is required when charging the
radio with a wall mounted charger. See Handling
Your Radio on page 64 for details.
Pre-Alert Timer
This timer sets the amount of time that a Man Down condition
must be present before the radio-user is warned of the Man
Down condition.
When the radio detects that it has returned to the vertical
position or when the radio detects motion, the Pre-Alert timer
stops and is reset.
The Pre-Alert timer reinitiates when the radio detects it is in the
horizontal position or motionless again.
Post-Alert Timer
This timer sets the amount of time the radio needs to remain in
the Man Down condition before the Emergency alarm is
transmitted. When the Post-Alert Timer is initiated, the radio
alerts the user with an audible tone and displays the “MAN-
DOWN” text.
See Exiting Man Down Feature on page 42 to exit Man Down
Alerting User When Man Down Feature is
The Man Down alert tone volume is directly related to the
radio’s volume. Ensure that the radio’s volume is loud enough
so that the user does not miss the Post-Alert tone.
Note: If the radio is programmed with Silent Emergency, the
radio inhibits the alert tone and visual alert associated
with the emergency feature.
Note: If the radio is programmed in Surveillance Mode, the
radio inhibits all tones and lights on the radio including
the Man Down tones.
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