Advanced Features
Man Down
Man Down condition is determined based upon the radio tilt
angle or a combination of radio tilt angle and the lack of radio
Man Down feature is an alternate way to activate the
Emergency feature if Emergency has been programmed in your
Your radio automatically activates Emergency Alarm or Call
when the radio achieves or passes a tilt angle threshold or a
combination of the angle threshold and radio motion below the
motion sensitivity level, depending upon how the radio is
programmed. The radio must stay in this condition for a
preprogrammed amount of time before the Emergency Alarm or
Call is activated.
Note: It is recommended that an Emergency button is
preprogrammed in order to allow the user to exit the
emergency condition.
The Man Down feature provides a Clear function to the user.
After a Man Down condition has been detected, the user can
press a preprogrammed Clear button or preprogrammed Menu
Select button to cancel the Man Down condition. The radio
remains in the Man Down state without triggering an emergency
condition until the radio is moved out of the Man Down state, at
which point Man Down functionality resumes.
The Man Down feature has three phases:
iThe radio senses the Man Down condition and Pre-Alert
Timer is initiated.
ii Man Down condition continues for the time duration defined
in the Pre-Alert Timer field. At the end of this time, the radio
alerts the user on the Man Down status with an audible alert
tone and Man Down text on the screen. The Post-Alert
Timer also initiates at this point.
iii Man Down condition continues for the time duration defined
in the Post-Alert Timer field. Once the timer expires, the
Emergency alarm is transmitted. The Man Down Clear
function is used in this phase to cancel the Man Down
The following scenarios affect the timers:
Pressing the PTT button suspends the Man Down timers;
releasing the PTT button reinitiates the Pre-Alert Timer.
Pressing other buttons on the radio does not impact these
Repositioning the radio exits the Man Down feature, which
stops and resets the timers.
Pressing a preprogrammed Clear button or pressing a Menu
Select button preprogrammed for Clear stops and resets the
timers. The timers do not restart until the radio is
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