Advanced Features
Tactical Public Safety(TPS) (Conventional
Using TPS Normal Transmission
TPS enabled the users of a group to identify a transmission
starts and ends clearly by displaying the caller’s name or ID on
the radio display.
1At TPS Zone Channel
Press PTT button to transmit.Talk clearly into the
microphone. Release PTT button to listen.
Receive and listen to call, the radio displays the caller’s
name or ID.
Using TPS Emergency Transmission
Emergency Beacon During Emergency if the TPS radio user
pushes the Emergency button, the radio sounds a Beacon at
the maximum volume of the radio at radio’s internal speaker
and it is not adjustable. User can cancel the Beacon by exiting
Emergency mode. This beacon goes to silent when user
presses the PTT button for voice transmission.
Emergency Call De-Key Sidetone The radio sounds an alert
tone to remind radio user that the Emergency Mode is still
active after user releases the PTT button for an Emergency call
transmission. The alert tone is shared among the Beacon and
Call De-key Sidetone. The volume of loudness depends on the
maximum tone at your radio profile.
1Press the Emergency button to enter Emergency Mode.
You hear Emergency Beacon.
2Press PTT button to make Emergency Call.
3Release to listen. You hear Emergency Call De-Key
Sidetone. After a short pause, you hear Emergency Beacon.
4Long press Emergency button to exit Emergency mode and
cancel Emergency Beacon.
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