Advanced Features
Fireground (Conventional Only)
The portable Fireground Communications System is designed
for deployment at an incident scene. It consists of five central
Your APX portable radios
Incident Management Software
Command Terminal
Radio Frequency (RF) Modem
DVRS (Optional)
These components provide on-scene and inbuilding radio
coverage, and enhanced personnel accountability and
The radio helps to indicate your presence on the scene if it is in
the range of the Incident Commander’s command terminal.
Each Fireground Communication System radio automatically
reports your radio’s ID on the commander’s mobile command
terminal. Your name, riding position and sector are all can be
configured to be seen at the Commander’s command terminal.
If you have a critical situation, you can press the Emergency
button which activates an alarm on the Incident Management
Software at the command terminal.
The Fireground signals transmission is always exchanging data
between your radio and the RF Modem and command terminal.
The status of your radio includes
Powering up or down the radio
Automatic response to Polling
Response to Evacuation commands
Pressing the PTT button to make voice transmission
Sending an Emergency Alarm and Call
Entering Fireground Zone Channel
1Upon Powering Up
If the Fireground Zone Channel is set as default, you hear
gurgle tone and the home screen. You are in Fireground
zone channel.
If the Fireground Zone Channel is set as default, but you
hear a short, low-pitched tone, the display shows REG FAIL
to indicate that the command terminal does not respond to
Fireground Zone Channel. Get qualified technician for
Your home channel is not Fireground Zone Channel, toggle
or change the radio zone channel to Fireground Zone
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