Advanced Features
Call Alert Paging
This feature allows your radio to work like a pager.
Note: This feature must be preprogrammed by a qualified
radio technician.
Receiving a Call Alert Page
1When you receive a Call Alert page, you hear four repeating
alert tones and the LED blinks green.
2The backlight of the screen turns green and the display
briefly shows PAGE RCV.
You cannot send a Call Alert page.
Emergency Operation
The Emergency feature is used to indicate a critical situation.
If the Top (Orange) button is preprogrammed to send an
emergency signal, this signal overrides any other
communication over the selected channel.
Your radio supports the following Emergency modes:
Emergency Alarm
Emergency Call (Trunking Only)
Emergency Alarm with Emergency Call
Silent Emergency Alarm
Check with your dealer or system administrator for more
information on the programming of this feature.
Only one of the Emergency modes above can be assigned to
the preprogrammed Emergency button.
Note: To exit emergency at any time, press and hold the
preprogrammed Emergency button for about a
Man Down is an alternate way to activate the Emergency
feature on the condition the Emergency must be set up for this
feature to operate.
See Man Down on page 40 for details.
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